Teacher turnover in schools in the reform of secondary education project, 1993-1997

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Book Cover: Teacher turnover in schools in the reform of secondary education project, 1993-1997

Looks at the ROSE Project in Jamaica between 1993 and 1998, examining teacher attrition from the project schools as well as the re-deployment of teachers within the project schools. The purpose was to understand why, although the number of teachers trained to teach the five subjects in grades 7 to 9 in the 124 project schools almost equalled the number of teachers deployed to carry out these instructional responsibilites in those schools, after four years 40.2 percent of the teachers remained untrained. The study found that attrition from the schools was relatively low and that it is re-development of teachers within the schools and not attrition from the schools that account for the turnover of teachers teaching the five subjects in which they had been trained by the project. This paper should be of particular interest to school supervisors and administrators.

Professor Errol Miller has had a rather unique professional and public service career which has given him almost a three hundred and sixty-degree exposure within the education enterprise. He has been a high school science teacher; university lecturer in science education; college principal; university professor, chancellor of a university college, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Education; independent senator in the Parliament of Jamaica; a president of the teachers’ association; a chairman of the board of the state broadcasting corporation; chairman of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica; a researcher; an author; an international consultant; chairman or member of several school and college boards.