Literacy in Jamaica

An overview

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In Libraries, Literacy and Learning Essays in Honour of the Hon. Joyce Robinson. Editor K. E. Ingram. Jamaica Library Association. Kingston: 1994 Pp 17 – 47.

Literacy in Jamaica: An overview traced how literacy was defined and measured in Jamaica over the period 1861 to 1987.  As such this Chapter described how literacy was first measured in the Census of 1861 and in subsequent censuses. It also looks at the ages at which literacy was measured; literacy and gender, literacy and geographical location, and literacy, gender and geographic location. It also discussed the impact on literacy rates of the Jamaican population when the standard of measuring literacy changed from the basis to the functional standard in the 1960s. Further, the Chapter includes the stigma and stereotypes ascribed to literary, regional and international comparisons and as well as the contribution of schooling to literacy and adult literacy programmes that have been implemented in Jamaica. In this regard special attention to the JAMAL programme implemented in 1975, to which the Hon. Joyce Robinson made a seminal contribution.

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