Carlton Samuels, former Chief Information Officer of the University of the West Indies, first suggested the idea of After much persuasion, I came to accept that a coherent and organised presence on the Web is an effective way of ensuring that one’s work reaches far beyond the borders in which it was done and remains for those coming after. So to Carlton, I say many thanks for your constant prodding and persistence to establish this personal presence on the Web and for getting a team from the Mona Informatics Team (MITS) of the University of the West Indies, Mona to assist me to implement the project.

Thanks therefore to:

  • Mr. Rohan Shaw the UWI, Mona web-master who introduced me to web-designs, the inner working of maintaining a website and on practical matters related to sustainability.
  • Mr. Sean Newman for your patience, understanding and persistence in assisting me to start to put content together in circumstances where other responsibilities repeatedly interrupted my diligence to your tutelage.
  • Mr. Derval Dally for picking up where Sean left off and for managing the Site for several years.
  • Mr. Jason Miller, director at Volume 3 Limited (Advertising & Marketing) for the make-over and upgrading of the Site so that it is accessible to all devices; available 24/7; backed up in the cloud, and more easily managed.

Finally, I thank my wife, Sharon for her love and constant encouragement. Thanks also to my children, Garth, Ye Kengale and Catherine and grandchildren Phillip, Jheanelle, Gabrielle, and Chantel for their love and support. To God be the glory now and forever more.


Errol Miller