In celebrating the 175th Anniversary of the Mico we must recall its beginnings and the context of its founding. Without such a backward glance our joy would only be partial and our inspiration for the way forward would be uninformed of the imperatives and mission which brought this institution into being. Continue reading

The Ethos and the Ethic

 Chancellor’s Message – Graduation 2014

The Mico has several terms that bind students together which extend to their lecturers and principals. One such term is grub: neophytes entering the institution in a particular year. Grubs form a batch and are linked for life. I still remember being the grub principal. However, for the batch that entered the Mico in 1972, wherever and whenever we meet, we affectionately recall that we were grubs together. Continue reading

Sixty Years Later


The Class of 2013 is comprised of 420 Miconians graduating this evening: 25 with Joint Board Diplomas; 349 with Bachelor Degrees, 46 with Masters Degrees. You have been prepared for work as Teachers of Early Childhood, Primary, Special Needs and Secondary schools and as Counsellors. In 1953 the total enrolment of Mico College was 103 students in the three years Diploma to prepare students to teach at elementary schools. In 1953 colonial officials handed over the reins of governance to Ministers of Government, elected by the people. Continue reading

Chancellor’s Message

CHANCELLOR’S MESSAGE – Graduation Message 2009


There can be no question that you the Graduating Class of 2009 are graduating in difficult times. However, difficult times and graduating classes of The Mico are no strangers. Difficult times have been the cradle in which the professional careers of many great Miconians have started.

The first batch of Miconians in the late 1830s graduated in difficult times. It was from the challenges of those times that John Savage rose to be the first Miconian to be Director of Education in Jamaica and to spearhead education reforms in the 1870s that were the most sweeping of the 19th century and from which all of us are still beneficiaries. Continue reading

The Choice

CHANCELLOR’S MESSAGE – Graduation 2012

‘Choice’ is a defining feature of being humans. However, like most things, there are a few exceptions. Hence, there are a few situations in life where we do not get to choose. For example, we do not get to choose our parents or when we are born. These are wrappings that come with the gift of life.

You the members of the Graduating Class of 2012 have little to do with the local, regional and international economic circumstances into which you graduate. Indeed, these are harsh times in most places. However, you do have a choice with respect to how you deal with these harsh times. The basic choices are that of becoming a victim of or a victor over the times. You must know this by now. Miconians have never chosen the path of the victim but with purpose and perseverance have chosen the path of being victors, notwithstanding the times and circumstances. Continue reading