Dr. Roderick Karl James,

Commander of the Order of Distinction, Chancellor of the Mico University College is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. William Stephenson James. Dr. James was born and grew up in Sturge Town, St Ann. He received his primary education at the Sturge Town Elementary School and his secondary education at the Henderson High School in Brown’s Town. Henderson High was one of the successors of the first York Castle High School and the immediate predecessor of the current York Castle High School. Continue reading

Mrs Angelita Arnold – Citation



Angelita ArnoldIn 1976 the Ministry of Education mandated Mico College to prepare teachers for the Special Education Sector, which in 1975 had become part of the public system of education through the policy of free education. Through an Advisory Committee established by the College, and comprised of leaders who previously provided Special Education through private means, it was determined that there were several other needs in the Special Education Sector that had to be address in addition to teacher preparation. These included diagnostic and therapeutic services for children with multiply challenges, the necessity to prepare Special Education teachers in a clinical setting and the need to establish Special Education Units in primary schools. Continue reading

Ethel Victoria Leslie-Campbell Remembrance

Ethel Victoria Leslie-Campbell,

nicknamed Birdie by her family, but ‘Queen Bee’ by her students, was royal in bearing, regal in deportment and always stylishly dressed. While not of the manor born, there could be no question that she was a lady of class. In conversation and lifestyle she demonstrated a deft mixture of confidence, composure and humility in all circumstances.

Born on July 31, 1917 in Haddo Westmoreland she was the daughter of Isaac Leslie businessman and Jane Leslie housewife. When she came of age to go to school the Haddo School, the land of which her grandfather had given to the Board of Education was closed temporarily, so she went to school at Coke’s View All Age which was three miles away and remained there even when the Haddo School was re-opened. She told the story, with some a mischievous twinkle in the eye, that she often rode a donkey to school, which drew some less than complimentary comments from some of the other students. Continue reading

Sydney Morris Tribute

Sydney Morris

was not a small man in either statute or spirit. Indeed, Sydney Morris was a big man in both size and heart. He was a gentleman and also a gentleman. Knowing Sydney Morris was to be given the opportunity to get a rare glimpse into a world of sensitivity and dignity that is sadly and slowing disappearing from our world today.

In his passing, it is his presence which will be most remembered. Soft-spoken and generous, knowledgeable yet humble, he approached his students and his colleagues with respect and conveyed to all with whom he came in contact a love and appreciation of the art form which had sustained him for all of his life. With his impeccable good manners, he never forgot the niceties of his training and exuded such modesty and quiet dignity that even those given to boisterous and raucous ways were invariably calm and disarmed. Continue reading




Officiating Clergy and other Clergy present; Mrs. Lissa Packer and members of the Packer Family; Rt. Honorable Bruce Golding and Rt. Honorable Portia Simpson-Miller former Prime Ministers of Jamaica; Dr. Peter Phillips Leader of the Opposition; Ministers of Government; Members of Parliament, distinguish ladies and gentlemen all, it is my honor to present this tribute on behalf of the Mico University College along with our deepest condolences to Mrs. Packer and the entire Packer family. Continue reading