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As of December 2016, Miller had written a total of 128 academic publications and major consultancy reports which were peer reviewed. Of these, he was the sole author of 107 and co-author of 21.
These publications fall into the five categories:
  1. Books and Monographs;
  2. Chapters of Books;
  3. Journal Articles;
  4. Conference Proceedings; and
  5. Major Consultancy Reports.

On this Site publications are also classified as available for

The long-term intention is to make the vast majority of Errol Miller’s publications available for free from this Site. The long-term intention is also to provide an abstract of all publications on this Site. Both of these intentions are works in progress.

The Publications currently listed all meet the second criterion of having a brief abstract. As additional abstracts are prepared or additional permissions are obtained from publishers and organisations to allow publications to be available for free, or resources are found to make publications not available to be available; appropriate announcements will be made when these are uploaded.