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Errol Miller is one of the foremost researchers and educators in the Commonwealth Caribbean, being one of the first in this region to do significant research on the effects of race, gender and class on educational outcomes. For four decades he passionately trained teachers, serving as lecturer, principal and eventually professor at various tertiary institutions. Following his retirement from the University of the West Indies – his alma mater – he was appointed Chancellor of the Mico University College, one of the oldest teacher education institutions in the Western Hemisphere. 

    Intermingled with an illustrious academic career is Professor Miller’s tenure as both a public servant in the Jamaican government and a global consultant on matters of education reform. Some of these roles include President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTC), Independent Senator and Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Education. Notably, he served as Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) for 12 years. As Chairman, he was instrumental in the development of an improved registration and voting system. For his work, Professor Miller has received numerous awards locally and internationally.

    Errol Miller’s commitment to education, research and electoral reform has inspired him to create this online platform. His hope for this website is to provide easier access to his life’s work but most importantly to build an inclusive space where people can engage these important issues. 

Professor Emeritus the Honourable Errol Miller CD. OJ. Ph D. DLL

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