Errol Miller, Professor of Teacher Education: author, Caribbean educator; researcher on gender; male marginalization; speaker; public servant and Christian has had a long and multifaceted career. Miller’s academic career is interspersed and punctuated by stints of public service as Independent Senator, Permanent of the Ministry of Education, different roles in the Jamaica Teachers’ Association, Chairman of the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation and Chairman of the Election Management body and chairman or member of boards and tribunals.

The purpose of the errolmiller.com is three-fold. First to give access to most of his publications, public lectures, keynote speeches, newspaper columns and tributes free of any charge. The goal is to come as close as possible to 100 percent free of charge. Second, to respond to inquiries related to multiple aspects of his work and life. Third, to better allow him to continue to serve through the online medium now that he has retired from the University of the West Indies.

The Site, errolmiller.com, has undergone a makeover.

The site is now fully responsive that all devices may have full access;  As a result of this upgrade, errolmiller.com is more dynamic, interactive and comprehensive in its scope. As before, hopefully, you will find something of value, or inspiration, or interest or help. We apologize for any inconvenience caused or disappointment from the lack of presence of errolmiller.com during the upgrade.

The main menu reflects the site’s structure further explained below.

  • Publications give access to academic material available for free or for purchase and list written materials currently not available
  • Speeches share keynote speeches; graduation addresses and motivational talks
  • Meditations share reflections on spiritual matters
  • Newspaper Articles is an archive of materials written by Errol Miller and J. A. Maikan
  • Tributes are eulogies, remembrances, and tributes given at funerals of colleagues, friends, and family.
  • Involvements provide access to materials, and information, related matters with which Errol Miller was involved in institutions and organisations which he served, and which may not be readily involved elsewhere.
  • Connections provide links to institutions and organisations to which Professor Errol Miller was or is associated as well as materials and information related to those institutions and organizations that may not be readily availed.
  • Another View is a Blog published biweekly on Thursdays
  • Caribbean Commentary is a once per month vlog on current happenings in the region
  • Announcements and Events inform about new content on the Site and of upcoming Events.

Your interest and experience is our primary concern. The site will be updated with new materials as availability and resources are favorable. The vast majority of the materials and resources of the Site are available free of any charge.

Errol Miller