Graduation Address 2013 Remembering Mandela


It would be remiss of us at this Graduation of the Class of 2013 if the Mico did not pay respect to Nelson Mandela at this passing and remember the gift of his life to all of us. Class of 2013, henceforth, your Graduation will be marked and remembered not by the calendar date of December 7, 2013 but by being at end of the week that Nelson Mandela died.

Let us all stand for one minute of Silence as a mark of respect at the passing of Nelson Mandela.

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Difficult Times and Usual Choices



Sir Howard Cooke and Lady Cooke, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, friends of the Mico, relatives, spouses, and friends of the Graduating Class of 2009 and members of the Graduating Class, welcome. In this 174th year in the life of the Mico we are delighted that you could join us to celebrate this milestone in the professional journey of those who graduate this afternoon. Continue reading

The Mico at a Turning Point

Chancellor’s Graduation Address 2012

Members of the Diplomatic Corps Mrs Rita Humphries-Lewin, soon to be honorary graduand, Dr. Sharon Carry President of Bow Valley College, friends of the Mico, invited guests, family and friends of the Graduating Class of 2012, members of the Graduating Class of 2012 I wish to assure the Mico University College Community that your Chancellor has never been a rogue or led any organization with which I have been involved to undertake any roguish activities. Any assertions to that effect are absolutely false and are nothing but bad-minded. Continue reading

The Spirit of the Mico 2008


It is with a real joy for you who are graduating in this ceremony and a sense of personal and institutional history that I welcome all present this afternoon to the second graduation of The Mico University College in the 172nd year of the Mico Institution. For you who are graduating, your families and friends, today marks a major milestone in the commencement of your journey as teachers and as professionals. We commend you for your achievement and celebrate your advancement in the academic and professional community. To our two honourary graduands, we salute you, your lives of service and accomplishments which have enriched so many other lives. Continue reading