UWI 2012 Graduation Address – Humanities and Education



Chancellor, Sir George Alleyne; Vice-Chancellor Professor E. Nigel Harris; Fellow Honorary Graduand Dr Joy Spence; Principals: Sir Hilary Beckles (Cave Hill); Professor Hazel Simmons-McDonald (Open Campus); Professor Gordon Shirley (Mona) and Professor Brian Copeland (St Augustine); Pro Vice Chancellors: Professor Yvette Jackson and Professor Alvin Wint; University Librarian Ms Jennifer Joseph; other members of the Platform Party; Deans; Professor Emeritii; Retired Members of Staff, in particular Mrs Gloria Barrett-Sobers, Mrs Joy Pilgrim and Mr. Anthony Fallon; the Honourable Arnaldo Brown, Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mr. Justice Seymour Panton, President of the Court of Appeal; Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Family and friends of the Graduands; Graduating Class of 2012; Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen I am triply honoured this morning. First, to have been awarded Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa, from my alma mater. Second to say thanks to the University of the West Indies on behalf of fellow Honoree Dr. Joy Spence who is not only the first female master blender in the world but in 2012 has been awarded honorary doctorates from both universities from which she graduated. Third, is to be given the great opportunity to address the Graduating Class of 2012.

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Chairman and Members of the Board of Knox High School, Principal and Staff, Parents, friends and well wishers of the Graduating Class, Members of the Graduating Class it is always a pleasure and an honour to share in a memorable event, like the Graduation this evening. I am particularly honoured that you have me invited again this year after the incident last year when the threat of a hurricane and the issuing of hurricane warning counselled against my venturing out of Kingston. Then the hurricane did not come. The event was held. You have been most gracious and understanding. Continue reading


Graduating Class of 2013 of Jamaica College

 You have accorded me the great privilege of addressing you as you mark a major milestone in your maturity and journey in life. I seriously doubt if I am going to saying anything to you that you have not heard before. I hope, however, that I am going to remind you of their importance. I feel pretty sure that many or most of you have already made critical choices about your life going forward. Yet I feel constrained this afternoon to confront you directly and unequivocally about those life choices. For those who have not yet made any choice, my aim is to challenge you yet again to set your course for going forward. There is an African proverb that says if you do not know where you are going, any road can take you there. For those who have already made choices, my intention is to have you evaluate those choices against these reminders. Continue reading