The Electoral Advisory Committee (EAC) was established in 1979, dissolved in 2006 and replaced by the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ). Errol Miller was the last Chairman of the EAC, from December 2000 to December 2006, and the first Chairman of the ECJ from December 2006 to December 2012. The information on these pages is of a public nature with a view to giving insights into the work of the EAC and the ECJ during his twelve-year tenure. Such insights can be gleaned through addresses made at the various gathering; written letters; the texts of national broadcasts; articulation of conventions practices and details with respect to innovations that were implemented.


Welcome Address at the ECJ Function honoring the EAC

ECJ Long Service Awards Function 2007: Opening Remarks

Citation Honoring Dr. Carlton Davis

Notes to Selected Commissioners Candidates’ Meetings General Elections 2011

Notes to Selected Commissioners Candidates Local Government Elections 2012


Definition and General Description of Conventions

Convention for the Appointment of Selected Members

Conventions of the Jamaican Parliament on Electoral Matters

Convention of the Standing Committee on Boundaries of Parliament

Convention of the Electoral Commission of the Location of Polling Stations

Convention of the Electoral Commission to resolve disagreements disputes and grievances

Conventions for the Reappointment of Directors of Elections who have performed creditably


Nomination Day General Elections October 2002

Message to Election Day Workers General Elections 2002

Local Government Elections June 2003

Progress Report on Elector Residence Reverification March 2006


Monthly Meetings of Political Representatives

Ten Standards of Free and Fair Elections

A Proactive Relationship with the Press and Media

Recruitment, Training, and Deployment of Election Day Workers

The Election Centre

The Election Management Information System

National Broadcasts by the Chairman

Agreement of the Electoral Reform Agenda: The First Retreat Nov 2003

Seeking the Support of Religious Bodies


Letter of the Gleaner Electronic Voting August 2001

Letter to Candidates in Banned Constituencies October 2002

Thank you, Director Danville Walker – October 2002

Letter to the editor of the Gleaner January 2001: Closure of the EAC

Letters to the Observer & Herald – Convention

Letter to the editor of the Observer – Portmore Boundaries – 24th April 2012

Letter to Observer on Conventions of Parliament


The capacities in which Errol Miller has served the Mico are Principal, 1972 to 1980; conceptualizer of the Mico Foundation incorporated in 1981; Member of the Lady Mico Trust since 1985; and Chancellor of the Mico University College 2008 to 2015. This space seeks to put together material that gives insight into this great institution.

Chancellor’s Addresses

The Spirit of the Mico 2008

Difficult Times and Usual Choices – 2009

The Mico at a Turning Point 2012

Remembering Mandela and the Class of 2013

Chancellor’s Research Day Messages

Crime and Violence: Implications for Education 2009

New Minds 2010

Institution Building through Research: Responses in a Time of Crisis 2013

The Teacher 2014

The Transforming Power of Mathematics in National Development 2015

Chancellor’s Messages

The Mico’s 175th Anniversary Service – January 2011

The Choice Graduation 2012

Sixty Years Later – Graduation 2013

The Ethos and the Ethic Graduation 2014


Dr. R Karl James: Naming of the Mico CARE Centre St Ann’s Day

Mrs. Angelita Arnold: Service to the Development of the Mico CARE Centre


Dr. Claude Packer

Mrs. Ethel Victoria Leslie-Campbell

Mr. Sydney Morris