Mrs Myrtle Fay White Eulogy

Mrs Myrtle Fay White

 affectionately known to all as Fay was born on Sunday, June 22, 1952, in the district of Coultart Grove just outside of Claremont in the parish of St Ann. She was the third child of Mr. Steadman and Mrs. Ruby White.

She attended school at the Claremont All Age School from which she graduated at age 15. At Age 18 years she left home and journeyed to Kingston to take up a job and to pursue her future. Two years later she met Roland White through a girlfriend whose boyfriend was a friend of Roland. That meeting led to a lifelong relationship that was consummated in marriage on November 17th, 1979. On that day Miss White became Mrs. White, you see Myrtle May White was White squared: White by birth multiplied by marriage. Continue reading

Norma Hope Darlington eulogy


Reverent Fathers and Mothers, Brothers and Sisters all, you have heard the eloquent and erudite tributes that have been paid to Mrs. Darlington providing rich details of her life and anecdotes of her many and varied relations. I will only repeat those details that are absolutely necessary to put our beloved colleague and sister in Christ in the context of her time and space. Please note that I do not know who would be giving the Tributes or what they will say. Any overlap, therefore, is not a result of my hearing what is said, since this eulogy is written, but is due to Norma Darlington and the consistencies of her life. Continue reading