A tribute to Owen Everald James

I first met Owen Everard James in 2012 during the 50th Anniversary reunion of the Mico Independence Batch of 1962. I was then Chancellor of Mico University College (MUC). It was at that reunion the idea of a vehicle to raise funds on a sustained basis for the benefit of MUC was born. The idea became Owen’s vision and resulted in the incorporation of The Mico University College Foundation of America. Since then, I have been able to witness segments of Owen’s journey as chief advocate and benefactor of MUCFA. Owen’s commitment and focus on the achievement of his mission to raise funds in the diaspora for the benefit of the University College, and financial assistance for needy students are exemplary. The establishment of the James Endowment Fund, one of the funds of MUCFA, through a bequest of US$$50,000.00 from him is tangible evidence of his commitment to inspire continued support for The Mico beyond the lifetime of donors to MUCFA.

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Mrs. Phyllis Agatha Harvey Grant

Tribute to our mother in law

There is a tired imported joke, oft-repeated to define mixed emotions. The joke is that mixed emotions are the feeling a man has when he sees his Mother-in-Law driving over a precipice in his brand-new Mercedes Benz. We who married into the Harvey-Grant family are here to testify that Phyliss Agatha Harvey-Grant exposed the fallacy of this stereotype of Mothers-in-Law.  Our late Mother-in-Law only evoked feelings of love, admiration, respect, and gratitude.

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A tribute to Dr. Rose Davies

dr rose daives

Dr. Rose Davies was a complete professional. She was unassuming, nonchalantly confident, and formidably competent in whatever she undertook thereby readily dismissing any attempt to underestimate or overlook her or the fields in which she worked. Dr. Davies was a leader who did not need to command overtly because of the thoroughness with which she articulated goals, the critical paths identified to achieve them, and the personal examples she set.

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A Pastor to a Global Village

A Tribute to Rev. Dr. Alfred Bryan Johnson

Reverend Dr. Alfred Bryan Johnson was senior pastor, village pastor, ambassador to the global village, Biblical scholar, author, fluent in three modern languages, teacher of New Testament Greek, celebrated missionary, respected educator, effective community organizer, a good friend to many, caring son and brother, loving grandfather, father, and husband, but most of all faithful servant and witness of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Alfred Bryan Johnson’s chosen lifestyle was that of a non-pretentious ordinary person. He was of above-average height, but his physical stature was not imposing. These disguised the fact that, by the grace of God, Freddie was an extraordinary human being by any standard. The proof was knowing him.

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Ethel Victoria Leslie-Campbell Remembrance

Ethel Victoria Leslie-Campbell,

nicknamed Birdie by her family, but ‘Queen Bee’ by her students, was royal in bearing, regal in deportment and always stylishly dressed. While not of the manor born, there could be no question that she was a lady of class. In conversation and lifestyle she demonstrated a deft mixture of confidence, composure and humility in all circumstances.

Born on July 31, 1917 in Haddo Westmoreland she was the daughter of Isaac Leslie businessman and Jane Leslie housewife. When she came of age to go to school the Haddo School, the land of which her grandfather had given to the Board of Education was closed temporarily, so she went to school at Coke’s View All Age which was three miles away and remained there even when the Haddo School was re-opened. She told the story, with some a mischievous twinkle in the eye, that she often rode a donkey to school, which drew some less than complimentary comments from some of the other students. Continue reading