The History of the Baptist Church in Education & the liberation of the Jamaican people.

140th Anniversary of the Zion Hill Baptist Church

There is a big picture about each element of the Topic: the Baptist Church, Education, Liberation of Jamaica as a people, and Jamaica as a country. As a believer in Jesus the Christ as Savior and Lord and as a science teacher who incorporates history in my work, and reads it for enjoyment, I have approached this presentation from three perspectives. First, that the Eternal, Invisible, Infinite God is working His purpose out in ways that we cannot fully understand. Second, facts matter even if they are inconvenient. Third, time and place are critical because they provide context to God’s workings and historical facts and sequence.

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Message on Sunday, December 29, 2019: Mount View Baptist Church Kingston, Jamaica

The Christmas Story told by the Gospels is different from the detailed stories told by all four Gospels of the crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. The Gospel of Mark begins with the Baptism of Jesus. The Gospel of John speaks of the meaning of the entry of Jesus into human history but does not describe His birth. Mathew and Luke recount the birth of Jesus but do not tell sentimental stories commonly recited at Christmas.

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The Norman Washington Manley award for excellence – Reply


Master of Ceremonies Ms. Fae Ellington; Chairman Ainsley Henriquez and Mrs. Henriquez and Members of the Board of the Norman Washington Manley Foundation; Mrs. Glynn Manley; Mr. Joseph Manley other members of the Manley family, distinguished ladies and gentlemen all,  it is a signal honor to be bestowed with the Norman Washington Manley Award for Excellence in your presence.

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Citation for the Norman Washington Manley Award for Excellence 2019

Ms. Fae Ellington delivers the citation for Norman Washington Manley Award for Excellence 2019.


Ms. Fae Ellington, OD delivered the citation for Professor (emeritus) the Hon. Errol Miller, OJ, CD, Ph.D. at the 2019 staging of the Norman Washington Manley Award for Excellence at the Jamaica Pegasus on Saturday, July 6, 2019.

Ms. Ellington gave an enthralling citation, much to the delight of the audience and anticipation of Professor Miller’s response on accepting the award.

Citation for Norman Washington Manley award for excellence for the year 2019. presented to Errol Miller.

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