Thank you Director Danville Walker

Director of Elections

Dear Mr. Walker

On behalf of the Electoral Advisory Committee, EAC, I wish to thank you and the staff of the Electoral Office of Jamaica, EOJ, for the hard and excellent work done in preparing for and executing the General Election on October 16, 2002. The true worth of the job done by yourself and your staff has been the glowing testimonies of electors who went to the polls and who contrasted their 2002 experience with their experience in previous elections. While it has been the role of the EAC to advise you with respect to policies and practices as well as to assist in the mobilisation of support for free and fair elections, the task of implementation rested solely with the EOJ under your leadership. For a job well done you have the gratitude of the EAC and entire Jamaica.


The standard for Jamaican elections has been raised to a new level. Inspired by the success of the policies and practices that have been put in place, we are confident that you and the EOJ are ready to continue the process of electoral reform and to work for further improvements in the electoral process.


Please convey to the entire staff of the EOJ the sincere appreciation of the EAC for a job well done. You and the staff of the EOJ have given Jamaica and Jamaicans cause for pride in Jamaica land we love.


Yours Sincerely


Errol Miller