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Attention Electoral Advisory Committee

In clarification of questions raised by Candidates in the Meeting with the Electoral Advisory Committee, EAC, I wish to indicate that what we asked the Commissioner of Police, and his Superintendents, to do was to restrict political activities in your constituency as these pertained to Public Meetings, Marches, Motorcades, Rallies, and Tours. The EAC did not and does not intend to restrict political activities with respect to:

Meetings with party workers held inside public buildings or on private premises.

  • House-to-house campaigning that involves 10 persons or less.
  • Travel to conduct house-to-house campaigning that involves five vehicles or less, inclusive of the vehicle engaged in ‘town-crying’.

Party workers and persons engaged in house-to-house campaigning should be from the Constituency, except in circumstances where they are joined by no more than two or three officials from the Central Party.

We will be conveyed in writing to the Commissioner of Police, this clarification of our intentions.

You should report to your party’s Representative at the Election Centre any incidents or disturbances that occur in your constituency. These incidents or disturbances should not be the subject of any public statement by you while they are being investigated and addressed by your Election Centre Representative.

Finally, I wish to re-state what was clearly brought to the attention of all Candidates at the meeting. The Representation of the People Act sets the framework within which elections can be conducted in circumstances of peace and good order. Further, it explicitly prescribes the course of action that should be followed in circumstances of open violence or civil disturbances that could interrupt obstruct or distort the electoral process. The Electoral Advisory Committee and the Electoral Office of Jamaica are legally obligated and morally committed to ensuring that elections are conducted in compliance with the Law.

As a Candidate, you are legally obligated and expected to do everything in your power to ensure that the upcoming General Elections are conducted in circumstances of peace and good order and are free and fair.




Errol Miller



Cc Mrs. Maxine Henry-Wilson

Senator Ryan Peralto

Mr. Danville Walker

Senator Dorothy Lightbourne

Hon. Minister Burchell Whiteman

Mr. Michael Williams.


[This Letter should go to all Candidates in the Following Constituencies.]


Kingston Central Dr. Collie and Mr. Cummings

Manchester Central Mr. Horne and Minister Junor

St Andrew Eastern Dr. Bartlett, Minister Campbell, and Rev Al Miller

St Catherine Central Miss Grange, Mr. White, and Mr. Ruddock

St Thomas Western Mr. Robertson and Minister Hylton


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