Marking Milestones

21 Keynote Speeches about Successful Institutions and Outstanding Leaders

marking milestones book cover

Marking Milestones

Marking Milestones: 21 Keynote Speeches about Successful Institutions and Outstanding Leaders. Foreword by Professor Kenneth Hall Former Governor General of Jamaica. Minna Press: Kingston: 2015. Marking Milestones celebrates schools, colleges, churches and organizations that have stood the test of time in Jamaica and the Bahamas. Each speech captures the essence of the school, the church, the college or the organizations in order to herald its pioneers and inspire those living who are the beneficiaries of their genius and sacrifices. These speeches, written in an easy-going, non-academic style, persuasively remind us of who we are, the road traveled to get us here, current realities and of obligations to the future. This iconic collection, laced with humor, history, and heart, will give you a deep understanding of the circumstances and the crises that impact us individually and has shaped these two Caribbean nations.

Marking Milestones is a great gift to self or others who attended Wolmers, St Hughs, Calabar, Alpha Academy, the Mico College, the College of the Bahamas and Shortwood College or who are members of the Moravian Churches of Jamaica, the Ocho Rios Methodist Church, the Savanna La Mar Baptist Church, First Missionary Church East Street, Bethel Baptist Church Half-Way-Tree, the Victoria Mutual Building Society, The Jamaica Teachers Association, the Teachers Colleges of Jamaica, graduates of the United Theological College of the West Indies, the 2012 Graduating in Humanities and Education of the University of the West Indies, Mona  or are Kingstonians or Caribbean teachers who attended Banquet of Education International World Congress of 2004 in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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