JTA Annual Conference 1997

Mr. President and colleagues, you have afforded me a signal honour twice over. First, it is a signal honour to be asked to address this Annual Conference of the Jamaica Teachers Association as the keynote speaker. Second, it is a signal honour to be doing so for the second time. The first occasion was in 1973. In contemplating this second opportunity I have dismissed as unlikely the possibility that the first occasion was so good that you decided to have me yet again. The lapse of 24 years is sufficient evidence that this is not the case. A more likely possibility is that the first effort was so abysmal that those in the Association possessed of great charity and long memories prevailed in convincing the others to give me second chance. Yet another possibility is that the first occasion was so innocuous that it was roundly forgotten as it has never happened, hence the second opportunity. I take refuge in the song which assures us that things are better the second time around. Continue reading