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Chancellor’s Message: Research Day 2015

It is only appropriate that Research Day at the Mico University College 2015 should honour Professor Claude Packer by focusing on the Theme “The Transforming Power of Mathematics in National Development.” Professor Packer has not only been a great teacher of Mathematics, to whom many students at all levels of the education system are deeply indebted, but he has also been a great advocate and champion of the subject.

A common saying is that arithmetic is to mathematics as the alphabet and spelling are to writing. Arithmetic is about calculations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and sometimes square roots. Mathematics is about taking signs, symbols, numbers, and shapes to describe and explain relationships and to formulate abstract theories.

Mathematics is a language and mode of thinking. Numbers, signs, and symbols tell stories that can be understood by those who are numerate. Mathematics is beautiful to those who are captivated by its logic as its axioms and algorithms are successfully applied analytically. Mathematics is the foundation of physics, astronomy, engineering and digital technology and therefore a cornerstone of civilization.

While most members of almost all nations will master the basic rules of arithmetic, mastering mathematics is a global challenge. Exploration of the Theme ‘The Transforming Power of Mathematics in National Development’ at the Mico University College Research Day 2015 should be of widespread interest and implication. I wish for the organizers and participants productive engagement resulting in meaningful action.


Professor Emeritus the Honourable Errol Miller OJ, Ph. D. DLL