The Changing Position of Men in Society

Keynote Address: The Changing Position of Men

Dr. Errol Miller Faculty of education, University of the West Indies

The Caribbean is part of the frontier of the transformation of societies everywhere, but we suffer from the Columbus Syndrome. Columbus was lost. He was in the West but thought he was in the East. And like him we are in front but think we are behind.

I am saying also that conventional Caribbean explanations of slavery, indentureship, plantations and colonialism are too colloquial to help us to fully understand the issue we are dealing with and advance our understanding very little. I am also taking the position that the alternative wisdom of advanced industrial countries and backward developing countries is part of the chauvinism of power in the world today. And what it obscures is that Caribbean Countries are really first world countries of lesser needs, and Caribbean people are very modern people indeed and we therefore have to understand ourselves in that way. Continue reading