A Godly Father and Rebellious Sons: Father’s Day

Central Baptist Church, Georgetown, Guyana – May 201710:00 am

Today is Fathers’ Day. The passage that was read earlier, Luke 15: 11-32, is widely known. It is titled the”Parable of the Prodigal Son” in several modern versions of the Bible. Some preachers have pluralized the word son, so that the title becomes the “Parable of the Prodigal Sons”. This is probably one of the best known and most loved parables that Jesus taught. It gives rise to the question: Why are we focusing on sons on Father’s Day? The answer is simple. Sons have fathers. Our focus today is on the godly father portrayed by Jesus in this parable. Indeed, much of what Jesus taught in this parable is about the father. Whether we focus on sons or the father is a matter of perspective and interest.

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The Three Different Crowds of Holy Week

On Palm Sunday; at Pilate’s Palace; and at the Cross

Sunday March 25, 2018 — Mount View Baptist Church – 9:30 am

On the Christian Calendar Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the week that is now called Holy Week or Passion Week. This is the week in which Jesus the Christ was crucified and buried. It begins with Palm Sunday, marking the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. The palms in church today, and the march through the community before the service, celebrate and commemorate the joy of that first Palm Sunday. On Good Friday we will remember and recall Jesus’s crucifixion. The mood and the memory will be entirely different. Next Sunday, Easter Sunday, we will rejoice in the glorious resurrection of Jesus, the risen and living Lord.

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Isaiah’s Epiphany

Bethel Baptist Church


Today is the first Sunday of 2019: New Year Sunday. On the Christian Calendar, it is Epiphany, which celebrates the wise men who came to worship Jesus at his birth.

The message today is titled Isaiah’s Epiphany. In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw also the Lord (Isaiah 6: 1). The word “epiphany” describes a sudden realization or a transcendental revelation in one’s life. New Year celebrations mark a new cycle of the earth’s movement around the sun or of the moon’s movement around the earth. Time, as measured by these movements, is devoid of content. It is events and experiences occurring during these planetary movements that endow time with meaning. This is probably why New Year resolutions are made as personal pledges of the content we intend to put into the New Year. Continue reading