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The Launch of Elections and Governance Jamaica on the Global Frontier, the Colonial Years 1663 to 1962 and Elections and Governance: Jamaica on the Global Frontier, The Independent Years 1962 to 2016 by Professor Errol Miller

On Thursday November 17, 2022 at 6 pm (Est/ Ast) 5 pm (Ja).

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Prof Errol Miller

A National ID represents official verification that the person has constitutional rights and privileges in a nation. Such identification is increasingly a matter of public, private and personal importance in the digital age. Personation has a very long history. Probably the most famous instance being Rebecca’s successful tutelage of her son Jacob to deceive his father Isaac, resulting in enmity between his brother Esau and their descendants.

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Christian Denominations collectively have the longest association, the most granular contacts, the furthest reach, the most systematic communication and regular personal interaction with communities compared to any other type of organisations in Jamaica. The influence of the Christian Denominations collectively goes beyond their membership and regular visitors. Even Jamaicans who are not Christians, or who are nominal, have close personal relations, regular churchgoers. They are most likely to hear about aspects of Sunday and Saturday sermons, matters discussed at weekly Bible study and issues raised at prayer meetings. Further, many denominations are involved in community outreach activities, programs, and projects. As a consequence, the Electoral Advisory Committee, in its preparation for the General Elections of 2002, deliberately sought the support of Christian denominations. Continue reading

Letter to the Editor Gleaner – Closure of EAC

The Editor

The Daily Gleaner

Dear Madam

On Wednesday, January 17th at the first regular Press Briefing to be held by the newly appointed Selected Members of the Electoral Advisory Committee, I was asked if we were aware of the draft National Registration Legislation. The essence of my answer was that we were aware of the Draft Legislation. The matter had been discussed in the EAC. We had great reservations about some aspects of the Legislation. We had asked Mrs Dorothy Pine-McLarty to draft the EAC’s response. Our response would be presented to the Minister. Further, we would seek opportunity from the Clerk of the Parliament to appear at the Bar of the House to present our views. Continue reading