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In Jamaica Miller is known first as a teacher and second as a public speaker. The public speaking reputation is because over the course of his public life he has invited to deliver about two thousand or more speeches to small, medium size and large audiences in inner cities and suburbs, large and small towns, rural and remote areas of Jamaica. Because of his preferred extemporaneous style, the vast majority of these speeches are not written. Some were recorded, and excerpts of some others were reported in the press or media.

The best-documented speeches are Keynote Speeches/Public Lectures delivered in Jamaica, the Caribbean and internationally. Invariably these written speeches were not delivered with the same passion as those delivered extemporaneously, but passion is never absent. In 2015 twenty-one of these speeches were published in Marking Milestones.

The intention is to make available, for free on this Site, all other written speeches and those that can be recovered from other sources. Announcements will be made as speeches are added to the Site.

Miller’s speeches were part of being a lifelong Public Servant. Their common purpose was to inform, inspire, challenge and persuade. Each speech was tailored to the audience being addressed. Hence, while principles, lessons learned from history and research findings are repeated in several speeches the challenges and applications are invariably specific to the audiences addressed. For example, speeches on Gender, or Teacher Education, or Primary Education most often had common elements related to principles, history and research findings but the application of these are specific to the particular group addressed. Many speeches are therefore popular versions of themes in his academic publications.