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As of December 2016 Miller had written a total of 128 academic publications and major consultancy reports of which he was the co-author of 21 and sole author of 107. These publications fall into the five categories: Books and Monographs; Chapters of Books; Journal Articles; Conference Proceedings; and Major Consultancy Reports. As new publications come on stream they will be added to this Site and an announcement will be made of when this happens.

Free Publication:  that is, publications that can be downloaded for free either from this or from links to another site. There are 44 such publications that are currently available on this site.


Publications for purchase. These are in mainly books or chapters of books for which publishers or the author have rights and commercial interests that preclude download for free from this Site. There are 30 such publications. However, links provided to websites, bookstores or publishers from which these publications can be purchased or accessed.


Publications not currently available. These are publications that are either out of print and not available in electronic form, or were originally in hard copy and had limited circulation. If there is sufficient interest in any of these publications, we are willing to take the necessary action to make that publication available as an addition to either Publications for Free or for Purchase.