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Crime and Violence: The implication for Education is a very timely theme for Mico University College Research Day 2009 and for the society generally. The fact that violent crime is concentrated in particular areas and is like a recurring decimal in those communities, means that many children are living and forming their lives in a culture of violence. The full implications of this for learning, personality development, and socialization are certainly not known. The theme for Research Day 2009 focuses attention on a field of study that is needful of both further and thorough investigation.

It is, therefore, my hope is that in sharing existing knowledge, reviewing the state of the art in research and identifying gaps in understanding during the activities of Research Day of the Mico University College, 2009 will result in a further and fruitful investigation and reflection in on a most important topic. I wish for the organizers and participants productive engagement resulting in meaningful action.


Errol Miller


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