Foundation for the Future

The OECS Education Reform Strategy by the Working Group

Book Cover: Foundation for the Future

Foundation for the Future: The OECS Education Reform Strategy by the Working Group.

Errol Miller Chairman, Anthony Lockhart, Mary Fenton, George Forde, Evelyn Sheppard, Bertram Ross, Francis Sookram, and Cools Vanloo. OECS Secretariat, Castries St Lucia assisted by the Canadian International Development Agency. December 1991.

Foundation for the Future was the first long-term education reform strategy commissioned by the Secretariat of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). Its purpose was to guide the reform of education in the countries of the OECS to the year 2000. Foundation for the Future was accepted by the Ministers of Education of the sub-region and approved by the Central Authority of the OECS, comprised of Prime Ministers, in 1992.  The OECS Education Reform Unit was created to guide, coordinate and drive the implementation of this official strategic education reform framework of the member countries of the OECS. The Foundation for the Future Monograph was widely circulated by the OECS Secretariat in the countries of the OECS. All persons who participated in activities of the Working Group received copies. Further, it was accepted by almost all development cooperation agencies supporting education in the OECS. As such Foundation for the Future has become the seminal document contributing to education reform in the OECS since 1992.

Foundation for the Future proposed 53 specific strategies grouped under nine areas: harmonization of education systems in the sub-region; early childhood, primary, secondary; tertiary, adult and continuing education; terms and conditions of service of teachers; administration and management; financing education and implementing the reforms.

Foundation for the Future

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