Education/Training in the New Workplace

Some Introductory Remarks

In Human Resource Development and Workplace Governance in the Caribbean. Edited by Noel Cowell and Clement Branche. 2002. Ian Randle Publishers: Kingston Pp 37-43

This Chapter poses some basic questions about education, training and the new workplace.

These questions are:

  • Is the workplace the main aim of education and training?
  • Should education and training occur only prior to the workplace?
  • Is the new workplace axiomatic and education and training the problematic?
  • Where is the new workplace?
  • Are not jobs, work and virtual reality not more problematic than education and training?
  • Are the old distinctions between academic education and vocational training still useful?
  • Will the institutional framework for delivering education and training not change substantially over the next decades?
  • How should education and training be redesigned to give Caribbean people maximum opportunity to benefit from high-wage work that is and will be generated?
Publisher: Ian Randle Publishers
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