Education for All: Caribbean Perspectives and Imperatives

Caribbean Perspectives and Imperatives

Education for All: Caribbean Perspectives and Imperatives:

examines basic education programs and policies throughout the Caribbean in the context of worldwide educational priorities. Global statements on basic education presented at the 1990 World Conference on Education for All are interpreted in terms of Caribbean economic and social realities and resources.
Effective primary and secondary education is seen as the cornerstone of the Caribbean's ability to advance and compete in the global community. Education for All, which includes case studies in Haiti, Barbados, and Jamaica, looks at promising and innovative educational programs throughout the region.
This book draws on papers, documents and exhibits presented at the World Conference and the Caribbean Consultation, one of several regional meetings that preceded the World Conference. The purpose of the meetings, sponsored chiefly by the United Nations and the World Bank, was to bring together world leaders, government delegations, international organizations and eminent educators to forge a global commitment to provide sound basic education for all children and adults around the world.

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