The Norman Washington Manley award for excellence – Reply


Master of Ceremonies Ms. Fae Ellington; Chairman Ainsley Henriquez and Mrs. Henriquez and Members of the Board of the Norman Washington Manley Foundation; Mrs. Glynn Manley; Mr. Joseph Manley other members of the Manley family, distinguished ladies and gentlemen all,  it is a signal honor to be bestowed with the Norman Washington Manley Award for Excellence in your presence.

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Citation for the Norman Washington Manley Award for Excellence 2019

Ms. Fae Ellington delivers the citation for Norman Washington Manley Award for Excellence 2019.


Ms. Fae Ellington, OD delivered the citation for Professor (emeritus) the Hon. Errol Miller, OJ, CD, Ph.D. at the 2019 staging of the Norman Washington Manley Award for Excellence at the Jamaica Pegasus on Saturday, July 6, 2019.

Ms. Ellington gave an enthralling citation, much to the delight of the audience and anticipation of Professor Miller’s response on accepting the award.

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The four unusual public actions of Jesus in Holy Week

The Four Unusual Public Actions of Jesus in Holy Week marked the end of His three-and-a-half-year public ministry. Each of these four actions is not usual nor typical of Jesus’s public ministry. However, they are central to who He is and to His purpose in entering history. They form part of what makes Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday the most important eight days in human history. Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday and ends with the crucifixion of Jesus the Christ on Good Friday.

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Prof Errol Miller

A National ID represents official verification that the person has constitutional rights and privileges in a nation. Such identification is increasingly a matter of public, private and personal importance in the digital age. Personation has a very long history. Probably the most famous instance being Rebecca’s successful tutelage of her son Jacob to deceive his father Isaac, resulting in enmity between his brother Esau and their descendants.

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